Record, it can be said that this time I saw it for the first

According to reports, on May 27, when the Chinese scientific research ship “Science” surveyed the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific, the ship’s “Discovery” remote unmanned submersible accidentally “caught” two deep-water sea rabbits. Rare. So, does the sea rabbit look like a rabbit on land? What kind of creature is this? What is special about it? According to the introduction of the rare sea rabbits collected by the Chinese scientific research ship in the western Pacific, the “Science” of the China Ocean Ocean Comprehensive Scientific Research Ship is carrying out the voyage mission of the “Scientific Investigation of the Western Pacific Oceania Ecosystem”. The submersible climbed up from the bottom of the sea Shandong side and began investigation and sampling of benthic organisms and rocks.

Just when the “Discovery” submersible was sampled from a seamount at a depth of 970 meters, two pink, white-skinned snail-like mollusks were photographed, and HD video images were returned in real time. According to the ship scientists, they are very rare sea rabbits in the deep sea. Subsequently, the “Discovery” operator accurately inhaled it into the sampling tank. Xu Kuidong, the chief scientist of the voyage and a researcher at the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that according to the existing literature, eight species of sea rabbits have been found in the deep waters of the northeastern Pacific (water depth greater than 200 meters), but not found in the deep waters of the western Pacific. Record, it can be said that this time I saw it for the first time.

It is understood that the sea rabbit is also known as sea bream (hǎi kuò yú), a kind of snail, which belongs to the shellfish of shallow sea life. It is a special member of the family of crustacean mollusks and is the collective name of the marine gastropods of the sea rabbit family. Of course it is not a rabbit, it is named for the two pairs of tentacles on its head protruding like rabbit ears on land. Moreover, it has the soft temperament of rabbits and is very popular.

When you look closely at the sea rabbit, you will see that the shell is oval in shape, the spiral is small, only two or three layers of spiral layer, and the spiral tower is flat. The top of the shell is obliquely truncated and usually has a fine spiral groove. The soft part of the soft body can be wrapped around the inner shell, showing white or light yellow, thick and flat, wide or rectangular or narrow and thin. Their heads are large, almost equal to 1/2 of the length of the body.

It is widely distributed in the seas around the world, living on the sandy bottom of the intertidal waters along the coast, feeding on various seaweeds. They are used to excavating sediment from their heads and swallowing small invertebrates. They are typical carnivorous mollusks. About 3,000 species of sea otters have been discovered, and their trails can be found in water depths of 5,000 meters and in cold polar regions.

Scientists have found that there are many strange things in the sea rabbit, which is really eye-opening. The sea rabbits in different poses have a special ability, that is, what color of seaweed to eat becomes a color: if you eat red algae, the body will be rose red; if you eat it, the body will appear brownish green. Some sea rabbits also have fluffy and dendritic protrusions, which make their body shape, body color and pattern very close to the seaweed in the habitat, thus avoiding many dangers.

The presence or absence of chloroplasts in a living body is detected as one of the basis for judging whether it is an animal or a plant. Animal cells generally only have mitochondria, no chloroplasts, and chloroplasts in plant cells. The magic is that in the creature of the sea rabbit, it is a combination of both. Sea rabbits are animals. In general, it is impossible to have chloroplasts. However, after eating seaweed and seaweed, they can store the chloroplasts of these plants in the body, and these chloroplasts can even produce chlorophyll in the sea rabbits. Therefore, the sea rabbit is the first animal found in the world with chloroplasts in the body.

In addition, the researchers found that the sea rabbit is also a hermaphroditic organism, that is, it has two different reproductive organs. Among them, the male organs of the sea rabbit are discarded by their “self-cutting” after each mating, but on the next day, new male organs will grow on it.

Spring is the season of sea rabbit breeding. Because it is hermaphrodite, in the place where it lives, it will see several or even dozens of sea rabbits clustered together for mating. After the rabbits are fertilized, they will lay eggs after a few hours. Each egg is connected by protein substances to form a strip and a string. Its egg-like appearance looks like a fan, and the coastal area of ​​Guangdong is called a “sea fan.” Although the sea rabbits spawn a lot of eggs each time, because the eggs are eaten by various fish, very few survive. The hatched sea rabbit develops into adulthood after 2-3 months.

The vivid color of the sea rabbit is actually a warning. Because they have no shell protection, they develop another protection mechanism that can use bright colors to warn the enemy that it is toxic; it secretes acid through the epidermis to defend against the aggressors. It is said that when the octopus eats it, it will suffer great pain and even kill. In the winter of 2017, some pet dogs were poisoned by swallowing sea rabbits by the sea.

The researchers found that there are two kinds of glands in the sea rabbit, one called purple gland, which is born under the edge of the mantle. When encountering an enemy, it can release a lot of purple-red liquid, like a “smoke bomb” to confuse the aggressor’s line of sight, to smear the surrounding seawater into purple; the other is the venom gland in the front of the mantle, secreting a slight band Acidic milky liquid, the smell is very bad. If the opponent comes into contact with this liquid juice, it will be poisoned and injured. The nerve is anesthetized and loses its attack power, and even dies. It is like a chemical weapon against the enemy. The aggressor will avoid this smell. Therefore, encountering a sea rabbit on the seabed seems to be soft, but it is not easy to get rid of it. It is best not to touch it and appreciate it.

Professor Naoya Yamada, a professor at Nagoya University in Japan, extracted a compound called “Apriloline” from the sea rabbit and thought it had anticancer effects through animal experiments. Later, Prof. Mizuno Mizuno of the University of Tokyo and his team used the glandular secretions of the sea rabbit to make a highly effective anticancer agent, which has the same ability to kill cancer as the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) as a carcinogen. Moreover, this preparation only kills cancer cells and is not toxic to normal cells. So taken from the natural anti-cancer preparations really make people look at the sea rabbit.

Because of the beautiful color of the sea rabbit, many people want to catch it or watch it as a pet, but the environment created by artificial breeding is difficult to be the same as in the sea, and it is generally difficult for the sea rabbit to survive. If the sea rabbit is made into a dry shape, it has a certain pharmaceutical value, so some people in the local area have arrested it. Although there are thousands of sea rabbits in the world, as such, some rare species living in specific sea areas continue. Sea rabbits may be in danger of extinction. Therefore, human beings should still treat sea rabbits and protect them. Recently, almost every morning at 5 o’clock in the morning, the residents of Hangzhou Phoenix Nanyuan were awakened by the sound of shaking the iron gate and could not sleep. The iron gate is located in the east of the district and has a fixed opening time (5:30 am – 9:30 pm). However, during the first half of the year, at 5 o’clock in the morning, the iron gate suddenly made a “beep” sound, pulling many residents from the dream. A white-haired uncle shouted “open the door” while shaking the iron gate vigorously. The magic is that Grandpa is not a resident of this community. In order to cross the community, he took the morning bus and went to Huagang Park to drink a morning tea.

Every morning at 5 o’clock in the morning, the grandfather slammed the iron gate to the old district of Shangcheng District. Some communities were merged and managed. For example, Fenghuang Nanyuan and Qiutao Nanyuan were included. The old community is relatively loose, and with a large number of foreigners, theft is not uncommon. Last year, after Phoenix Nanyuan changed its new property Yudu Property, 128 cameras were added to the community, and the iron gate that was opened all the year was “restricted”. This small door is facing a small alley, close to Phoenix Elementary School, opposite to Phoenix North Court. Because of the relationship between the bus stations, many residents of Beiyuan or other communities will go through Nanyuan to take the bus. The opening hours of the iron gate were decided by the industry committee and the property, and most residents agreed.

The “access control” that was only for security reasons did not expect to lead to a dispute. The outbreak should have started on September 22 last year. At 5 o’clock in the morning, a white-haired uncle grabbed the doorbar with both hands, shaking hard, making a “squeaky” sound, breaking through the silence of the morning. The sound continues. Inexplicably, the residents who were woken up and grievances got up and got up. The various sounds were intertwined and the pot was blown up in the community.

“Grandpa, you don’t want to shake the door again, so early.” “We were all woken up, and the children were scared and cried.” “Grandpa, the door is only open at 5:30, and now the time is not up, can’t open the door.” The security guards who arrived could not open the door casually. Uncle Baifa is not arrogant, clamoring for “opening the door.” As a result, in the morning, in a scream, the police came. Grandpa shakes the door in order to go to drink morning tea 110, and things should always be solved. However, the uncle of white hair is very persistent. After that, on and off, he always “just on time” to “call early”, and the surrounding residents are suffering.

The most authentic nature is the residents close to the iron gate. The 96-year-old elderly person living alone lives in the first floor of Building 1 of Qiutao Nanyuan. It is the most direct and “direct victim”. “I didn’t sleep well. I have to take sleeping pills every day. I am woken up at 5 o’clock. It’s very unbearable, it’s really unbearable”; Ms. Sun on the second floor, who just finished her maternity leave in May, took her child back from her hometown. Her bitterness of the stomach, a few days a week need to endure the helplessness of the baby being woken up; the office workers also complained, “Sleep is inherently valuable, it is really difficult for him to be so troubled.”

Ms. Sun also called the police several times, but in a few days, the uncle came again. These days, “calling early” disappeared. It seems that the property has acted. “I heard that the security guard opened the door for him alone.” This statement was confirmed by the Yudu property. “What is the solution? It is so old, We can’t do anything. In the morning, the residents have opinions, and they always have to solve it. We open the door to him at 5 o’clock every day. When he passes, the security guard will close the door. It can only be a little harder.” Director Wang Xiuqun said, ” Every morning, he has to take a bus to Huagang, where there is a piece of money for morning tea.”

Wang Xiuqun also persuaded the uncle to go around the wood village, only to walk for three or five minutes, the uncle did not agree. The uncle named Zhang, 86 years old, lives in Fenghuang Beiyuan and speaks with great enthusiasm. Uncle Zhang also knows that many people have been affected by his own behavior. But he insisted. This iron gate, the uncle has been away for many years. Grandfather’s life rules, get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, go out at 4:50, go to the Sanlangmiao bus station and take the No. 8 bus, go to the city cancer hospital for the first bus of No. 315, and then take the Jingsi for the 4th bus. Go to Huagang to watch the fish and drink a dollar of morning tea. “Early tea starts at 6 o’clock. In addition to drinking tea, you can also play mahjong, play poker, practice boxing. I usually go as early as possible, and I will be back at 8 o’clock.”

There is a watch on Zhang’s left wrist. He always counts the time very accurately. He remembers the bus’s first bus or the second bus. When the iron gate was closed, it disrupted his habits. “I can make a detour, and it will take another 5 minutes. But the bus does not wait for people, it is late, and the number of trains is also If you want to change, time will be wasted for a long time.” He does not want to, “Why should I make this concession?” Uncle Zhang also said that the community is now 24 hours patrol, and the security pressure is reduced a lot. “This door is not very important.”

What made him angry was also on September 22nd. “I shake the door. Someone poured water on me. Some people pulled my clothes and broke my clothes. Later I lived for a few days.” Grandpa said that he There are high blood pressure and heart disease. Later, he and the community, property, and industry committees all reflected a lot, and let the police station come forward to solve the problem, and did not get a satisfactory answer. Uncle Zhang said that it is not only he himself who has such a demand. “I have also seen a mother and a bus driver. People are so early. The door is closed and it is not convenient for them.”

After a few troubles, Zhang Daye felt that he should “before the ritual soldiers.” Yesterday morning, my grandfather waited at 4:55. At 5:5, he saw the security guard to open the door for him, and he did not shake the door. Uncle Zhang insisted that the opening time should be adjusted to 5 in the morning. “If it is still 5:30, I can’t live, I will continue to shake the door.”

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